"I had the best time on this course. So much amazing information. I feel so much more prepared for labour - knowing the mechanics of what your body does, as well as having a greater understanding of hypnobirthing techniques and how to be more relaxed and calm in the lead up to and during that time. I feel calmer as a person already as I am using these techniques each day. Rachel is an amazing teacher!" Hannah

"I feel much more prepared for labour now that we have completed the Hypnobirthing course with Rachel. I also feel much more calm and relaxed about things. You can read all the books in the world but nothing is as useful and beneficial as talking one on one with an experienced teacher, who has also experienced her own hypnobirth recently. My husband doesn’t enjoy reading books so the course was a huge help to him and he definitely learnt more than he thought he would! We plan on practicing and putting our new skills to good use leading up to our baby’s birth but we enjoyed the course so much that we have asked Rachel for a refresher session closer to the birth." Elizabeth

"This hypnobirthing course was amazing! Rachel was fantastic at creating a relaxed and positive learning environment, while imparting key skills designed to help both my husband and myself reframe the birthing experience. This was my second child, so I had an idea of one possible outcome and was looking to reset our expectations for round two. We both walked away from the course feeling positive, in control and well equipped to use the techniques during labour. As a result, we had our ideal birth and I honestly say it would not have been possible without Rachel and this course! Thank you!!" Mallory


“We used hypnobirthing during the birth of our baby and it was amazing! We applied the techniques of playing relevant soothing music, not screaming, having a water birth, remembered the words from the class and kept everything as natural as possible. I recommend that every pregnant lady considers hypnobirthing - the benefits are fantastic.” Parwinder

“The birth was quite an experience and we found a lot of the hypnobirthing techniques incredibly helpful.” Abi


I offer private and group hypnobirthing antenatal classes to help you prepare for the birth that you want, make informed choices about your care, and stay calm, relaxed and focused while you birth your baby.

Classes take place in Walton on Thames or in your own home in Surrey or London.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing helps you to have a smoother, more comfortable birth.


It is so effective because it uses a combination of logic and science, with some relaxation techniques and gentle hypnosis.