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A calm hypnobirth with epidural: Amelia's story

Michael and I welcomed our baby daughter into the world in the early hours of yesterday morning. I managed to avoid an induction and went into labour naturally, with Athena arriving on her due date. I had a very positive and happy birth experience and think hypnobirthing really helped.

I had a long labour, I was at home in early labour for 2 days before being admitted to hospital early afternoon on Sunday. I was comfortable at home but unable to sleep so was tired by the time I got to the hospital. Once I was admitted I quickly progressed to 7cm dilated with no pain relief, simply staying mobile and concentrating on my breathing. Our midwife asked if I was hypnobirthing as I was so calm. When I got to 7cm my labour stalled slightly, my contractions slowed and decreased in strength. I think this was because of a few reasons, a change in midwife as one shift ended and another began, a screaming woman in labour in the room next door, and most importantly a dip in the babies heart rate meant I was asked to lie on my side on the bed. Staying mobile had been crucial for me managing the pain and I knew that lying down I would need some help. They also suggested a syntocin drip to help boost the contractions as with the OC they didn’t want the baby getting too distressed. At this stage I asked for an epidural, which had never been part of my plan but I knew at that moment it was the right thing for me. I had the drip and the epidural and managed to get some rest which let me push me her out myself, with the guidance of a lovely midwife and support from Michael and I was so happy with myself for avoiding an instrumental delivery.

Looking back on my experience it really couldn’t have gone better (even though things happened that were not part of my plan). Everyone commented on how calm I was including my sister who popped into the delivery suite to drop off my hospital bag and one of the doctors doing their rounds.


Hi, I'm Rachel - The Calm Birthsmith. I'm a mum to one, hypnobirthing teacher and baby massage instructor covering London and Surrey. Thanks for reading this far! If you like what you see, come and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more positive birth stories and blog posts.

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