What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing helps mothers to tune in to their natural instincts and work with their bodies to give birth more easily and comfortably.

In my classes we will practice letting go of any fears you may have and adopting a calm, confident and positive mindset. You will also learn about the physiology of birth so that you and your birth partner have all the knowledge you need to work with your baby and use your body most effectively.

Hypnobirthing is powerful and effective because it uses a combination of science and logic, with hypnosis and relaxation techniques. It is not just about relaxation and a positive outlook – it works because you will also develop an understanding of what is going on in your body and why. Your muscles tense up when you are anxious or stressed. Being in the right frame of mind allows your body to work efficiently, for a shorter and more comfortable labour. You will also learn about the different hormones that affect labour and how you can use them to your advantage.

Benefits of hypnobirthing

  • Your labour is likely to be shorter and more comfortable

  • You are less likely to need pain relief

  • You are less likely to need medical interventions

  • Your baby will benefit from being born into a calm environment

  • You and your birth partner will feel prepared and in control, with an understanding of how labour progresses

  • Your birth partner will feel more involved in the birth and they will be equipped with different techniques to help you

Hypnobirthing does not guarantee a natural or pain free birth, but we do know that mothers who use hypnobirthing are less likely to need medical interventions and tend to have a more comfortable experience. Hypnobirthing is still beneficial in all births, including c-sections, and it will help you to cope with any unexpected changes that may need to take place during the course of labour.



I offer private and group hypnobirthing antenatal classes to help you prepare for the birth that you want, make informed choices about your care, and stay calm, relaxed and focused while you birth your baby.

Classes take place in Walton on Thames or in your own home in Surrey or London.

Who is The Calm Birthsmith?

Hi I’m Rachel, Mummy to George, and (hopefully) your hypnobirthing teacher!


I had a wonderful birth using hypnobirthing - birth can be so incredible and empowering. I decided to train as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher because I want to help more women like you to have positive births.