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Hi I’m Rachel, Mummy to George, and (hopefully) your hypnobirthing teacher! I had such a wonderful birth using hypnobirthing – birth can be so incredible and empowering. I decided to train as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher because I want to help more women like you to have positive births. I'm also proud to have trained as a baby massage instructor.

I had always been a self-confessed hypochondriac, or as my husband thought, a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain! So when I was just a few weeks pregnant, curled up with stomach cramps and fearing the worst, I knew then that I was going to have to try hypnobirthing. I had a few friends who had tried it, and they all had calm natural births.


My midwife confirmed that the pains I had were just my uterus expanding and nothing to worry about – so nothing on par with what I was expecting birth to be like. But in actual fact, those early cramps were a lot harder for me to deal with than actually giving birth to my beautiful baby boy.

When I started reading about hypnobirthing it all made sense when I learnt about the fear-tension-pain cycle. I’d felt some sensations in my uterus that I hadn’t been expecting and started to panic about what might be happening, so my body tensed up, causing the muscles to tighten and the pain to become more intense. So I panicked more and the pain got worse.

Once I realised the logic behind this I could see how beneficial hypnobirthing would be if it could help me to remain calm, relaxed and focused on birthing my baby. I know, you’re thinking that’s easier said than done, right? But with lots of relaxation practice before the birth, an understanding of the science and logic behind hypnobirthing, and some gentle hypnosis to help you get in the right frame of mind, you really can do it! Having an awesome birth partner is also really important, so you should bring them along to the classes too.

I know you can do it, now I just need to help you believe that you can!

You can find out more about how hypnobirthing works and read some reviews if you’re not quite ready to book a class yet.


I offer private and group hypnobirthing antenatal classes to help you prepare for the birth that you want, make informed choices about your care, and stay calm, relaxed and focused while you birth your baby.

Classes take place in Walton on Thames or in your own home in Surrey or London.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing helps you to have a smoother, more comfortable birth.


It is so effective because it uses a combination of logic and science, with some relaxation techniques and gentle hypnosis.


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